Trying to find words to describe what this woman means to me is almost impossible. She has been the best mother any woman could be! My mother, Carolyn Vinson, is one of those rare jewels that everyone doesn’t get the chance to hold or touch. She possesses something special and extraordinary! When I was a child I used to wonder how everything seemed to be alright whenever my mother was around. It didn’t matter what the problem was, I just always knew that my mom would have the right words to say to encourage me. It seemed that she knew everything:-) I still feel that way! Whenever I need wisdom on any situation I go to her because I know she won’t steer me in the wrong direction. Even if I feel that she may be a little off, ¬†she always ends up being right! I’m so thankful that she showed us how to pursue life with balance. She was able to be a wife, mother, co-pastor, author, songwriter, seamstress, chef and much more! Now that I have my own family I often ask her how she did it all with such ease. I definitely learn and glean all that I can from her and I know in many ways I try to be like her and handle life with grace and dignity. I’m thankful for her today and every day! Happy 68th Birthday mom!!


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